Murray House vacation home rentals: Amazing coastal & ocean views

Welcome to Murray House where you love the home and love the location

Murray House vacation home rentals in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, is located in a quiet, oceanfront, community with amazing ocean and coastal views. Our vacation home is an older, recently renovated, duplex style home that is fully separate from the main home in which we live. Murray House is rented as an entire home so you will never have to share your space with strangers. It features a private, well-furnished, patio that overlooks the ocean and a huge backyard. Beautiful flowering shrubs border the property's perimeter and patio. The patio consists of three connecting patios, all enclosed and gated for convenience for those with children or pets.  Fire up the large, 4 burner BBQ, sit back with your favorite beverages, and soak up the sights of our beautiful community as the country air rejuvenates your skin.